The Most Beautiful Thing in the World

The Most Beautiful Thing in The World

Alicia; one of Jack's 28 grandchildren

I took a little, informal poll the other day.  The question wasn’t very controversial and the responses won’t change anybody’s foreign policy or campaign strategy.  But for me?  The answers made my day.

I was musing one day over the many lovely things that this old world has to offer, and I was feeling frankly thankful for them all.  As I pondered, my curiosity began to pique.  Surely, though my thankfulness covered a broad spectrum, there were things that I had overlooked.  Perhaps some other watchful and appreciative eye had perceived beauty in something I had not even considered. The question of my poll?  I asked people what they thought the most beautiful thing in the world was.

I got some marvelous answers.  I asked an old Idaho farmer what he thought.  With no hesitation he said, “Why, a newborn white-face calf.  When that calf first comes from the heifer there is no whiter white in the world.  It is absolutely beautiful.”

When early spring came I watched the fields for cattle- and he was right.

I asked a young mother the same question; after a moment she said, “The most beautiful thing in the world is when two people have a really good, considerate relationship.”  Of course, she is right too.

A broadcaster, a long time friend, replied, “Why flowers have to be the most beautiful.  That’s the only thing they are here for, just to bring beauty- God’s gift to man.”

My answer?  It has to be the look on children’s faces when you praise them.  An inner light dances through their eyes with the joy of being accepted and loved.  With so many things of beauty surrounding us you would think that sadness should be a rare commodity.

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