The Country Living Mill is without a doubt the most rugged manual grinder on the market today. Constructed with two rugged ball bearings on an I-beam frame, there is no other grinder like it on the market. Built smart for tough times.

A Look Inside The Country Living Grain Mill

The only hand-operated grinder on the market that utilizes two industrial-grade ball bearings. Other comparable grinders that cost around $200.00 more than the Country Living mill use brass bushings.

Many grinders use only one large bushing, but the Country Living Mill has two sealed ball bearings spaced apart* which increases the stability of the drive shaft and reduces bearing strain.

*The bearing placement can be seen highlighted in red on the diagram to the right.


The Keys

Three keys must be in place in order for the corn and bean auger to function correctly.


The corn and bean auger set up requires three keys. The purpose of the keys are to lock the different rotating parts of the grinder to the drive shaft so they all turn as one unit. There's a key locking the flywheel wheel to the drive shaft on the other side of the mill, another to lock the corn and bean auger to the drive shaft, and on the end of the grinder a third key to lock the rotating burr of the grinder to the drive shaft. 

The Country Living Mill is easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning. The photo to the right illustrates what the grinder looks like when the threaded adjustment knob, the rotating burr/grinding plate, the drive key and the grain auger have been removed. The grinder must be disassembled to this point in order to install the corn and bean auger. If desired, the shaft can easily be pulled out from the crank side of the mill.

Parts of the Country Living Grain Mill Grinding Mechanism

A. The Fixed Burr or Plate. Held into position by three screws

B. The Rotating Burr or Plate

C. The Adjustment Knob

D. The Grain Auger

E. The Short Key

F. Four Washers

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