Beware Cheap Imitations

Anyone interested in purchasing a quality hand grain mill should read this.

With the advent of Y2K, many opportunists jumped into the self-sufficiency market with the hopes of reaping a quick profit then making an equally quick exit. Long term commitment and service to their customers isn't a consideration with many of these opportunists - some are actually willing to abandon the time honored American virtue of integrity and are making spurious look-alikes of long established products with rock-solid reputations.

This deceptive practice allows them to virtually steal the reputation and good will of a sterling company in the hopes of reaping a quick profit. It also lets the upstarts bypass research, development and design expenses - all at the expense of the company who has been maintaining the highest quality and service for many decades. (Many of us remember with anguish the shoddy look-alikes out of Asia after the Second World War.)

Sadly, at least four upstart mills claiming "Country Living Mill" virtues and looks, have appeared. All of them make wondrous claims (some preliminary examinations show workmanship and quality to be haphazard and shoddy) but none can make this most important statement of fact:

"Since 1976 we have been manufacturing as a family business (in America) the world's finest and most acclaimed quality hand mill - the Country Living Grain Mill. For all of those years our family has serviced and stood behind the Country Living Mill without question. In fact, we are so sure of our past we can easily and proudly say that any Country Living Mill purchased will have a lifetime warranty!"

Some questions to ask when buying your mill: When did it first appear on the market? Does it look similar to the Country Living Mill? Where is it manufactured? Buy your next grain mill based on established facts, not advertising fiction. Country Living Grain Mill - the quality you will proudly bequeath to the next generation.

Jack Jenkins
Country Living Productions