Power Bar Instructions


Installing Corn & Bean Auger video on YouTube

Step 1: Place the Power Bar extension handle over the flywheel spoke so that the the threadless hole in the power bar lines up with the threaded hole in the flywheel. The Power Bar should be on the hubless side of the flywheel.

Step 2: Push the Short Bolt into the threadless hole in the Power Bar, through the spacer and into the threaded flywheel hole. Use a 9/16 wrench to snug it down. Do not overtighten or you may crack the flywheel!

Step 3:  Screw the entire Handle Assembly into the threaded Power Bar hole.  (see drawing)  An adjustable crescent wrench may be helpful.

Step 4:  With a 9/16 wrench, tighten the nut on the Handle Assembly so that it is flush against the power bar handle.  When installed properly, the wooden handle should have enough slack to spin freely, but not so much that skin will be pinched between the handle and bolt.

Large Auger Assembly

Step 1:  Remove Stainless Spring Auger.  Unscrew the adjustment knob and pull off the rotating grinding plate.  Next the small metal key (E) must be removed from the slot in the stainless steel shaft.  This can be best done with a pair of pliers or a small screwdriver to pry it out.  Once the key is removed, the stainless steel spring should easily slide off the shaft.

Step 2:  Check Washers.  Beyond the spring there will be one or two washers fitted on the shaft.  For best results, only one washer should be in place when the Large Auger in installed.

Step 3:  Install Auger.

A) You should have two short keys (E,A).  Turn the stainless steel shaft so the keyway slot is facing upward, then slide a short key (A) into the slot.

B) Slide the large auger (C) over the shaft, rotating the auger so that keyway lines up with the key and slides over the top of it.  (Note: If you slide the wrong end of the auger on first you will not be able to do this. When you mount the auger, make sure that the hollowed end faces outward)

C) Slide the auger spring (D) over the shaft and into the hollow end of the large auger.

D) Insert the second short key

E) into the keyway.  This will generally take a bit of a push, and you may need to use the old spring auger to push the key into place or a screwdriver.  (Note: This step may be very difficult if you have two washers on the shaft.  For ease of installation use just one washer.)

Step 4:  Replace Rotating Plate and Knob.