Reassembly Instructions

  1. Install the stationary plate or burr with the three screws. This requires a 5/32 Allen wrench. Don't tighten them too tightly. Snug is enough- as the housing is made out of aluminum.

  2. Slide two washers over the stainless steel shaft so that they touch the inside bearing. (See the illustration at right). If you have difficulty putting the short key into place in step 4, remove one of these washers.

  3. Slide the grain auger spring over the drive shaft and push it into the feed housing until it bottoms out at the end.

  4. Install the short key into the slot of the drive shaft. (See photo to the right)

  5. Slide the rotating burr onto the drive shaft ensuring the key way on the burr slides over the key in the groove of the shaft.

    Install 2 washers on the shaft.

  6. Screw the threaded adjustment knob onto the drive shaft and screw it down until the two burrs are rubbing briskly.

  7. For operating instructions, see the owner's manual.

After you've done it once you'll realize that this isn't too difficult. It isn't necessary to take the grinder apart and clean it after every use. A little flour residue in the feed chamber and between the plates isn't going to hurt a thing, especially if you are frequently grinding grain. At our house we give our grinder a thorough clean-up maybe once a year.