Your Country Living Grain Mill Is Of Industrial Quality

"Hi, my name is Glenn Shanahan and I just purchased a Country Living Grain Mill for my wife for Christmas. She hosts a monthly cooking club and is slowly introducing hand-milled products into her menu. I just wanted to drop you a note to comment on the build quality of this mill.

I am a Purdue University Engineering Technology School graduate working as a Engineering and Maintenance Manager at a major manufacturing plant in Indiana. I am responsible for taking care of and installing multi-million dollar equipment. I have been at if for 15 years now. I can tell you that your Country Living Grain Mill is of industrial quality. As you can imagine, I did my research on the 20+ different home mills that are available and you clearly have the best mill, especially from the quality of build stand point. From the heavy cast housing to the shaft assembly. You have come up with a very high quality, affordable piece of equipment!

Please work hard to keep your product affordable to the masses. I know that costs are tough to keep under control. Keep in mind that the quality of this product must be maintained to attract word of mouth customers. I will recommend your mill to anyone. Please do NOT cut any corners or try and make a “super” model that is crazy expensive. You are in a great niche. Keep up the good work. We are looking forward to many years of great service from our unit.

Best Regards,

Glenn Shanahan
Dec. 26, 2008

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