“This mill has my highest respect and approval.”

We received a letter from one of our wonderful customers who has owned the mill for 18 months and uses it almost daily to hand grind her wheat.  Malissa writes:

Malissas Letter to CLGM

Malissas Letter to CLGM

"We had known about this mill for about two years.  And we were so desperate.  We had to get something.  Our common emergency mill was not suitable for long-term use for fine flour.  We were stumped.  (We were, at one point, buying whole wheat flour.)"

Then, after purchasing the Country Living Grain Mill, Malissa continues, "Words cannot describe how this one tool has permanently changed our lives.  I don't see how we have lived without it.  We went from insecurity, frustration and inefficiency to peace, security, confidence and [the mill] just simply worked."

Malissa goes on to describe how amazed she was that she got a very fine flour with one pass through the mill.  With their prior mill, they were running their grain through three or four times to get the flour fine enough.

Thank you, Malissa, for being a devoted customer and for sharing your experience with us!


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