The Flour Was So Incredibly FINE

"I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the little plastic bag with the sample of flour ground in my Country Living Mill before your factory shipped it out to me. The flour was so incredibly FINE….just like commercially ground flour! I love to bake and it thrills me that now I can even grind cake flour as well as bread flours because I have a Country Living Mill.

Indeed, I had purchased a grain mill, advertised as their best, from another website which described their mill as “…adjusts from powder-fine to coarse with a turn of a knob….”. Not true. Gritty sand is what you get. The cast iron burrs grind 20% less fine than stone burrs- and I had the cast iron burrs.

I ran Montana red wheat through the mill two…EVEN THREE TIMES, and it STAYED GRITTY. I was pooped and all I had to show was one and three-quarter cups of wheat flour plus one cup of cornmeal, also very gritty. So I packed the mill up and returned it via UPS at Mailbox Etcetera the very next morning.

I baked Yankee Cornbread from The Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book using what I had. It tasted delicious even though it was very crunchy. I was sold on fresh ground grains, but unhappy about the coarse texture I thought any hand grinder produced… even with the burrs set as tight. What can you believe when you have been mislead by false claims and don’t know any better?

I went back on the web and saw the Grinder Comparison Chart at They compared Country Living Mill, Silver Nugget, Little Ark Grinder, Back to Basics, Family Grain Mill, Corona or Victoria and the Diamant.

Country Living Mill and Diamant were rated easiest to handle but the Diamant is way overpriced. And further research on the web told me Diamant is not as well made as CLM. Forget the rest, they are junk as you will learn if you read the chart- except for Family Grain Mill but FGM is constructed of plastic and plywood, so although it performed well it was not highly rated.

I checked out the Country Living Mill website and ordered my mill from Dee An at Pleasant Hill. I sure am glad I didn’t give up. Country Living Mill works like a charm.

I am 74 years old but with the handle extension, I can grind grain comfortably. Not fast, but I am not strained as I was with the other hand mill which was so highly praised but left me with my scalp damp and my legs wobbly after grinding less than half as much as I ground on my Country Living Mill..

I ground 4 cups of wheat and 2 cups of corn flour on my Country Living Mill and it all was fine as silk THE FIRST TIME AROUND. No sweat. My mill is set up permanently as I intend to grind all my flours now. The taste is wonderful, sweet and fresh… store bought cannot begin to compare.

Thank you Mr. Jenkins for the quality and beauty and outstanding performance of your grain mill. It is never too late to learn better ways of doing things, but you must have the best equipment and Country Living Mill IS THE BEST.

Warmest personal regards,

Mary N.
DesPlaines, Illinois