Perpetual Harvest



Whole-grain guru, Jack Jenkins, is the inventor of the Country Living Grain Mill, a former nationally syndicated radio host and the father of seven children. Jack is dedicated to educating (anyone who will listen) about the virtues of growing and storing one’s own food -and having the know-how and tools to use it, thereby reaping the blessings of increased vitality and self-sufficiency. As part of this quest, he began giving educational presentations to community groups all over Western Washington. This presentation titled “Perpetual Harvest” was met with great enthusiasm and is now available in this inspirational 97 minute DVD.

Praise for Jack Jenkins’ Perpetual Harvest:

“The wealth of information that you bring is incredible. You are a great inspiration!” -Shelley Pack

“I appreciate that your presentation is very positive and upbeat.” -Stacy Fonoimoana

“You have helped to motivate quite a few people, including my husband!” -M. Perkins

“We soooo enjoyed your presentation! It motivated us and provided answers to questions and dilemmas we have been encountering.” -Sam & Shan Kramer

“It was a fantastic and timely community event that provided great examples and thought-provoking ideas on how to be more self reliant.” -Michael Yates

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the fabulous (and motivating) class you presented last week.” -Heather Andrus

“I am so grateful to have been there, and more importantly, that my husband was there. He came home all fired up and supportive of me. He is looking into building a brick oven!” -Nancy Farmer


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