LeRoy’s Mill Motor Cabinet

This fine bit of engineering and craftsmanship was sent to us recently via email.

Dear Country Living Grain Mill Makers,

I have been meaning to send this info off to you for some time. This is my attempt to power my Country Living Grain Mill.

I used a 90vdc gear motor and a dc motor control card that converts 120vac power to run the dc motor. The gear motor I have is fully adjustable from .1 rpm to 159 rpm and is adjusted by a voltage pot. Of course once it is set for the correct speed it does not need to be adjusted again. I have mine set up on a toggle switch, this way I can grind at 50 RPM (full speed) or 30 RPM (slower but a cooler grind), I designed and built the cabinet and the controls for the grinder so if you would like to post this on your website you have my permission to do so. The two shelves on the bottom of the cabinet will hold 9 each ½ gallon mason jars of wheat, corn or whatever you want to store to grind. I also have a vacuum sealer for the mason jars so I store what I have in the jars in a vacuum until needed. A 5 gallon pail will almost fill 9 half gallon jars of wheat.

The shelf under the motor holds the box of extra grinding plates and the bean auger and other spare parts. In the photos in this email I do not have a door on the cabinet. But I have since added a raised panel door to the cabinet. I hope you like my setup and I hope you share it with other Country Living Grain Mill owners.  It works great and looks nice in the kitchen too.

Also, if power goes out all you have to do is remove 4 screws on the back of the cabinet, remove the board, take off the belt and attach the grinding handle and you are ready to do it by hand.

All of the items used to power the grinder were purchased off eBay for just under $150.00 total.

Thanks for making such a great product,

LeRoy Delp Longmont, CO
ps – I grind wheat and corn at least once a week to make wheat bread and cornbread muffins.

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  1. Roger Goggans on May 8, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    Mr. Delp, this looks beautiful, practical,sturdy and safe! The pulley/belt enclosure provides safe operation without appearing industrial. Thank you so very much for sharing the excellent construction plans. Could you possibly give specs for the gear drive motor: HP, type or function, or brand and model number you used. Many thanks!

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