We Bought A Cheaper Grain Mill

"Dear Mr. Jenkins,

I was sending our product registration in and just wanted to let you know our family is extremely pleased with our new Country Living Mill.

This was our last effort at home grinding. We had originally researched different mills and eventually bought one that was a little cheaper than the CLM. Well, lots of huffing and puffing later we just still couldn't seem to grind wheat efficiently and finely as claimed. We bought it from a very reputable company and have been pleased with their other products we have purchased. We kept using it hoping it would work out. Finally, the adjustment screw stripped out and we packed it up and sent it back.

Then, it was back to zero again. More research. It seemed as if all the other mills were the same. Lots of claims. We had originally looked at buying a CLM but, as mentioned, decided to go with the other mill because it seemed just as efficient and fit into our budget. We still really wanted to grind our own wheat at home so, after reading some good reviews of the CLM, we decided to give home grinding one last chance.

When it arrived we opened the box and pulled out the little sample of flour ground on our mill and we were amazed. My 8 and 5 year old children looked at it with big eyes and a "WOW". We assembled it and started grinding. Incredible. Fine, fine flour with only a reasonable amount of effort. My children instantly wanted to try it. We attached the power bar and even my 5 year old was able to grind the wheat. Previously with the other mill she could not budge it. They are so excited to use the new mill.

My husband stated, happily, "No more store bought flour!" Thank you for such a wonderful, quality product. We wish we had gone with our first inclination and saved ourselves a lot of frustration.

Country Living is, in our opinion, simply the best. It is quite a handsome looking mill as well. Thank you for helping us to be able to provide a certain amount of self-sufficiency and a healthy alternative for our family.

God Bless,

Received April 7, 2009
The Ball Family

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