100% Home Ground Whole Wheat Loaves.

"I have lived in Brasil for the last 13 years and after moving to a rural area I found that the locally produced whole wheat bread just didn't cut the mustard.

I was a bread baker in NYC in 1973 and 1974 at a whole food restaurant on 42nd Street ...and decided my bread would be ground to order.

I started researching grain mills and I looked and looked...and lo and behold I found the Country Living Mill. As fate would have it, I was planning a trip to Portland but when I arrived I found the mill and back-orders were up to two months. Inasmuch as importation taxes in Brasil are 100% of product cost, it was not a viable option to ship the mill at a later date.

So I called you up and after listening to my story you shipped the mill out the next day, albeit with a slight blemish and a discount. Who am I to complain?

I've been having bread parties at home since then, more than one a month, and everyone is putting in orders for my 100% home ground whole wheat loaves.

Everyone who stays at the house and who eats the bread says that it sustains them through the day, and no one feels the need to eat afterwards because the nutrition is all there.

THANKS folks, you make a great product. I really can't tell you how good my bread tastes! But you probably already know!

George Boyd
July 20, 2008

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