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Photo representing Wheat Berries – Nuggets of Nutrition

Wheat Berries – Nuggets of Nutrition

You might be surprised to discover the difference in nutrient content between whole wheat flour and refined flour.

To begin, here’s a quick lesson on what’s inside a wheat berry:

White bread products contain refined flour, which means the bran and germ are stripped away, and just the endosperm is used for the flour.  Let’s take a look at what you are missing when you eat white bread. Wheat-kernel_nutrition As the chart shows, refining the flour means you just lost 85% of the protein, 93% of the fiber and 93% of the iron. When the bran and germ are discarded there is a huge loss in nutritional value because they are the parts of the wheat that contain most of the essential vitamins and minerals.

Courtesy of Paula’s Bread

Here we have it – a comprehensive list of the essential vitamins and minerals contained in freshly ground whole wheat flour. In every case, whole wheat wins! So congratulations to the many owners of our Country Living Grain Mill who are grinding their way to good health!

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Post by Country Living on September 19, 2014

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